Category: Physicians

Paid: $56,000 – $220,000

Description: Oncologists are physicians and surgeons who evaluate and treat patients suffering from cancer. As key members of a medical team, they work in conjunction with other doctors, nurses, lab technicians and orderlies who treat patients. Their responsibilities include talking with patients about symptoms and examining them for signs of disease. Often coordinating with other physicians, oncologists also request and analyze test results, discuss treatment options and monitor patient progress during therapy.

Years of Schooling: 4+ Years

-Completion of a bachelor’s degree program, particularly one that includes coursework in the biological and chemical sciences

-Admission to an accredited school is next, a competitive and selective process that typically requires a passing score on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

-Additional requirements include 3-8 years of internships and residencies; oncologists must also pass a state licensing exam before they can practice medicine.

Here’s a few interviews with Oncologists:

Job Outlook: Good (18% growth in the next twenty years)

What Classes you can take now:

-Medical/AP Biology

-Medical/AP Chemistry

-ROP Healthcare Essentials/Medical Terminology

-Human Anatomy

-ROP Medical Assistant


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