Emergency Medicine


Category:  Intensive Care

Paid: $153,855-310,000

Job Description: Some patients come to the emergency department with serious and even life-threatening symptoms, adding urgency to the physician’s decision-making process.

Physicians and nurses on staff must quickly prioritize incoming cases to ensure that patients with the most serious conditions are seen as soon as possible – a process known as triage, or “worst first.”

Physicians in the emergency department take a medical history, examine the patient, decide which tests to order, make a differential diagnosis and determine whether to admit the patient to the hospital or treat him and send him home.

Years of School: 10-15

Schooling: First, you must complete a four-year college degree, taking appropriate courses and earning high enough grades to be accepted into medical school.

You’ll be in medical school for four years training to become an allopathic or osteopathic physician. During medical school, you will likely take a rotation in an emergency department. In order to qualify to practice emergency medicine, you must complete a three- or four-year emergency medicine residency, which must be approved by the Residency Review Committee. Residencies in emergency medicine are highly competitive, so you’ll need excellent grades and recommendations from your medical school professors.

Setting(s): Emergency departments in hospitals

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1Tn0G5FPjk (interview with an ER doctor)

What classes you can take now:  Human Anatomy and Physiology, ROP Health Care Essentials/Med Terms, med/AP Bio, med/AP Chem

Job Outlook: Very Good, 18% job growth expected

Certification/Licensing: Once residency is complete, board certification requires passage of both the written and oral examinations with re certification by written exam every 10 years. Board certification also requires advanced training in life support.

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